Utilities for VFP

Tom Rettig's envLib library, carried forward

Here's the GitHub repository for documentation and the download for Tom Rettig's powerful envLib library, which I modernized and maintain for VFP 9.

Message Services, public Domain version

This version of MsgSvc has all the functionality of the one found in the INTL Toolkit except for the multilingual features. MSGSVC.ZIP (Public Domain).

share.prg (on Github)

A class browser add-in that allows you to extract a component and all its parents and children into a single VCX for sharing purposes.

INTL helpers

VFP localization audit tool

Audits and reports all occurrences of many potential localization problems in your application. For example, the DEFINE PAD menu command has PROMPT, FONT, KEY, and MESSAGE clauses, all of which tend to be hard-coded. Gotchas will report the exact locations of all occurrences of DEFINE PAD, and dozens of other commands and functions. Even if you don't use the intl toolkit, this utility will tell you where some of your international coding problems may lie. GOTCHAS.ZIP Version 1 (10k, April 4 1995).

Utilities for FP 2.x

Because I know there are still FP 2.x developers out there.


By Ken Levy available here.

The TABS driver

A GENSCRNX driver, Tabs Version 2.6a (139k, March 15 1995). This driver creates tabbed dialogs from standard screensets in FoxPro 2.x. Requires GENSCRNX version 2.

The GENX help file

GXHLP.ZIP Version 2.05 (109k, March 5 1994). This documents GENSCRNX, GENMENUX, and the FoxPro 2.x meta data structures, all of which are immensely useful if you use FoxPro 2.x.